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Feb 8, 2018

Divorce, Asset Division and Pets

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When Couples Divorce, Who Gets the Pets? Maryland Family Law Courts and How They View Pets When two spouses divorce, they have to work out a plan to divide the assets that they own together as well as a financial plan for alimony or spousal support.  Parents of minor children have the additional responsibility of working out custody arrangements and a parenting plan.  A fairly new issue that family law courts are seeing in a growing number of family law cases is how divorcing couples deal with the custody of shared pets. Pets and Divorce:  Custody Arrangements or Asset Division? Asset division is based on equitable distribution between the two spouses.  Custody of minor children is based on the best interest of the child.  Where pets had traditionally been seen by the courts as simply an asset, there have been a handful of recent cases where the best interest of the pet has been considered.  Ultimately, pets are considered personal property so Maryland family law will simply give custody of the pet to one spouse or the other.   However, as pets become a more and more contested issue in divorces, we may see the family law courts reconsider. The Best Interest of the Pet If one spouse was the owner of the pet BEFORE the marriage, they will almost certainly keep the pet after the divorce.  It also may be considered which spouse takes care of the pet most frequently; who is buying food and supplies and taking care of trips to the veterinarian?  Where the children will live […]

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