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May 10, 2013

Important Statistics & Facts From a Car Accident Injury Lawyer in Maryland

May 10, 2013 - Personal Injury by |

If you’ve been searching for a car accident injury lawyer in Maryland, then it’s likely you’ve already been the victim of an accident. It’s important to educate and inform yourself on the process as much as possible before you begin. This will help you have the right expectations, while also knowing what to do in order to take action and protect yourself.

Read on for some important facts and statistics regarding personal injury and car accident cases in Maryland:

  • 95% of personal injury cases are settled prior to going to trial. In some instances, this is before a lawsuit is ever filed, and in others it could be the moment before a trial begins.
  • $12,813 the median damages awarded in Maryland personal injury trials. It’s also important to distinguish between median and mean or average. Nationally, the average verdict is more than $975,000. The figure is distorted, of course, due to class action cases which can result in verdicts of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • 69% the percent of personal injury cases won by the plaintiff in the state of Maryland
  • 55% the percent of personal injury cases won by the plaintiff nationally
  • 83% the percent of car accident injury cases won by the plaintiff in Maryland

(Figures taken from studies composed by Jury Verdict Research).

Now that you’ve seen some important statistics about personal injury and car accident cases in Maryland, what does it all actually mean for you?

The above statistics and figures are just that, but each case is unique. The type of verdict you can expect depends on not only the extent of any injury sustained, the pain and suffering you have went through, medical bills, lost wages and more, but also the likelihood that your case would be successful at trial, and numerous other factors as well.

Regardless of the specifics or the scope of your case, what we can offer you is complete dedication and commitment to your cause, and the personal attention and support that you deserve.

One of the most important points to remember is that the sooner you take action, the better, in terms of contacting a personal injury attorney. Maryland and Washington D.C. residents can call the Law Offices of Brandon Bernstein at 240.395.1418.

We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation, and show you how we can help as your personal injury and car accident injury lawyer in Maryland.