Mar 11, 2014

Maryland Auto Accident Attorney Tips: The Insurance Carrier You’re Up Against Matters

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Auto Accident Lawyer in Maryland Shows How Different Insurance Companies May Change a Case

Any Maryland auto accident attorney will tell you that the insurance carrier that you’re going up against in a personal injury lawsuit or claim will have a large bearing on how the process is handled.

Quite simply, there are dozens of auto insurance companies who are active in the state, and they each have their own methodologies. Some may be more willing to settle, while some may always take a suit to trial. One may favor quick and discrete, another may drag things out regardless of the type of accident or claim at hand.

That’s why your auto accident lawyer in Maryland must know how different companies operate, and the best approach to take with them. It’s essential that any Maryland auto accident attorney has experience working with the insurance carrier that your claim would be against so that you’re able to obtain a positive outcome.

For example, here’s a small list of the top auto insurance companies in Maryland:

  • State Farm
  • All State
  • Nationwide
  • Erie Insurance
  • Progressive
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MAIF
  • Travelers
  • eSurance

And that’s only a partial list. There are at least 61 groups providing auto insurance in the state of Maryland according to an official 2013 state of Maryland report (PDF), and many of those have numerous individual companies operating separately, creating an even lengthier list.

All of this to say that there is a huge variety of companies, and the circumstances for each of those companies and how they operate is going to vary as well. There are numerous factors which may dictate how one particular insurance company handles a claim and lawsuit versus another, including:

  • How many overall policies and customers the company works with, and their total value
  • The types and values of individual policies
  • The type of customer and risk associated with that customer, which is also dependent on different policies and their costs
  • Internal company policies which affect whether or not one company would prefer to stay out of the news and settle a problem quickly and discretely, or would rather fight for every dollar regardless of time, energy or publicity

Clearly, there’s a lot to consider, and it’s crucial that the Maryland auto accident attorney whom you hire is prepared to handle not just any general type of auto accident or personal injury lawsuit, but to specifically handle the unique circumstances and factors which are of consequence with yours.

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