May 21, 2019

Nicolas Cage Annulment After Four Days: Does He Owe Spousal Support?

May 21, 2019 - Family Law by |

Looking at Celebrity Divorce News for Key Changing Issues

Celebrity divorce cases are certainly nothing new. Although it seems that it’s been a particularly busy time for the tabloids in recent months. We’ve discussed the divorces of Jeff Bezos and Adele, and another A-list name who has come up in the news is that of actor Nicolas Cage.

Even as far as celebrity divorces go, the Cage divorce case seems particularly unique. It’s not only due to his celebrity and wealth, but also for the duration of the marriage and the way it ended.

Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike were only married for four days. After this period, Cage filed for annulment. The two had decided to tie the knot after a year of dating, and then apparently a night out on the town in Las Vegas.

On Cage’s part, he filed for the annulment, and he said that he was too intoxicated to legally make the decision. Koike is fine with the divorce proceeding, but doesn’t seem inclined to abide by the annulment. Even though they were only married for four days, Koike believes she is entitled to spousal support, citing the length of the relationship before the marriage as well as lost career opportunities.

The he said-she said of the case continues from there. Koike claims that Cage attempted to rekindle the relationship within weeks of filing the annulment. Cage claims that Koike did not disclose her criminal history to him.

There’s a lot of moving pieces in play here, so it will be interesting to see how the Cage-Koike case turns out. At this rate, a few future surprises are surely to be expected.

These celebrity divorce cases typically call to mind the importance of truly knowing the person you’re planning on marrying, and potentially pursuing options such as prenuptial agreements. Even if you don’t have the fortune and the fame of someone such as Nicolas Cage, it’s always wise to protect yourself and your best interests, and to plan ahead as intelligently as possible.