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Jan 28, 2021

Preparation Check List (for Divorce or Not)

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Divorce Preparation Checklist Financial Records — Home & Property Information Finding yourself getting ready for a divorce can be a daunting process.  You probably are having feelings that are causing anxiety and uncertainty.  Whether or not you end up choosing to get a divorce, this article may be able to help you calm down and feel like you have gained some control. This list is helpful for people who are preparing to get divorced. However, this list is meant to help ANYONE compile and organize information that is important to have whether you choose to get divorced or not.  This is simply having your swimsuit with you whether you decide to go into the pool or not. Step 1 – Securing Your Communications If you still live with your partner and anticipate getting mail (from an attorney, a new credit card or other statements you need to keep private) you may want to open a PO Box.  It is also important to think through all aspects of your security as it pertains to technology, accounts and devices – that includes: Changing passwords / creating new accounts Think about the obvious stuff like Facebook / Messenger / Whatsapp / Instagram / SnapChat and more… also think about if and where you have 2-step verification set up.  Is that set to your phone number?   Is your spouse’s email set up as a secondary email?  Because those types of openings can allow them to gain access. Social Media Settings Your friends list […]

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