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Mar 1, 2013

5 Essential Considerations Before Getting a Maryland Separation Agreement or Prenuptial Agreement in Maryland

Mar 1, 2013 - Family Law by |

Understanding Prenuptial Agreement & Separation Agreements in Maryland

As you think about your relationship or your marriage, you want to be happy and content, and planning about a positive future together. Of course, it doesn’t always play out that way, despite our best intentions.

Therefore, it’s important to understand a few core issues that concern both getting a prenuptial agreement in Maryland before a marriage, as well as obtaining a Maryland separation agreement in the event of a potential pending divorce.

Keep in mind these essential points about prenups and separation agreements in Maryland.

  1. Written, Signed Documents: Whether it’s a Maryland separation agreement or a prenuptial agreement, it needs to be a written, signed and voluntary document.
  2. Overcoming Obstacles: Emotions can run tense for getting a prenup or a separation agreement, and this initial hurdle is often the biggest, particularly in the case of prenuptial agreements.  But you shouldn’t put aside your wishes simply because something is difficult. You not only want to protect yourself, but also you’re…
  3. Protecting Everyone’s Best Interests: In each of these cases, an official agreement is made to protect the best interests and rights of all parties. Everybody can get on the same page about a few major points of consideration, hash it out amicably, and then put aside their fears and concerns.
  4. Working with Attorneys: You probably have thought about simply putting together something for yourself without legal assistance, however, this is not encouraged. It’s very difficult to 1) remember each and every factor that needs to be agreed upon and 2) utilize the appropriate language to ensure there are no loopholes or oversights. Having an experienced attorney prepare and/or revise an agreement is a very important part of the process.
  5. Alternatives to the Courtroom: Coming to an agreement in conjunction with your spouse, and outside of the courtroom, is often an easier process. It’s also a more affordable one, and a quicker one as well. Whenever you can, you should utilize opportunities out of court to come to terms.

Navigating a separation or prenuptial agreement in Maryland can be tricky — so be sure to call the Law Offices of Brandon Bernstein at 240.395.1418 for a free consultation about the best way for you and your spouse to proceed.


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