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In Maryland, all parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children. When going through a divorce or separation, parents must formally address child support to ensure that they will both continue to meet their respective financial obligations after their relationship ends.

In most cases, divorcing and separating parents will determine child support based on Maryland’s Child Support Guidelines. However, in high asset divorce cases, these Guidelines may not apply. Regardless of the circumstances involved, both parents need to ensure that they have access to all relevant financial information, and they need to make informed decisions based on a clear understanding of the rules that apply. The help of a Bethesda child support lawyer is often needed to ensure that the proper procedure is in place. 

Our Child Support Services for Parents in Bethesda

We represent parents in Bethesda with regard to all child support matters. This includes establishing, enforcing and modifying child support on behalf of mothers and fathers:

  • Calculating Child Support During a Separation or Divorce – If you are preparing to go through a divorce, we can help ensure that you will pay or receive an appropriate amount of child support after your marriage ends.
  • Enforcing Your Right to Receive Child Support – If your former spouse or partner is not paying child support (or if you are being accused of failing to pay child support), we can help you with going to court.
  • Modifying Child Support – If you can no longer afford to meet your child support payment obligations (or if your former spouse or partner is seeking to modify child support), we can help you assess your options and choose the best path forward.

FAQs: Calculating, Enforcing and Modifying Child Support in Maryland

How Long Do Parents Have to Pay Child Support in Maryland?

Generally, parents in Maryland must pay child support until their child’s 18th birthday, or until their child’s 19th birthday if the child is still enrolled in high school.

When Do Maryland’s Child Support Guidelines Apply?

Maryland’s Child Support Guidelines apply when the parents’ combined pre-tax income is less than $15,000 per month. For parents who earn more than $15,000 per month, calculating child support involves examining their respective income levels, their children’s needs and other relevant factors.

Do Parents’ Custody Rights Impact Their Child Support Obligations in Maryland?

Child custody can impact the calculation of child support when divorcing or separating parents will share joint physical custody. In this scenario, the number of nights the children will spend with each parent factors into the overall child support calculation.

When Can I (or My Former Spouse or Partner) Seek to Modify Child Support?

Parents can seek to modify their child support obligations when they experience a significant change in their financial circumstances. Unless the parents’ joint earnings exceed $15,000 per month, the Maryland Child Support Guidelines will continue to apply.

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