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divorce mediation attorney in marylandMaryland divorce mediation is a voluntary process whereby each spouse agrees to explore an alternative to a lengthy and costly courtroom battle. By doing so, each side hopes to come away with a result which is equitable and fair, and considerably less stressful, time-consuming and expensive. A trained Bethesda divorce mediation attorney, Mr. Bernstein has the experience necessary to deliver positive outcomes from mediation. Learn more about how we can help you pursue divorce or family law mediation in Maryland here.

Sometimes, a third party is all that is needed to keep things as amicable and smooth as possible. Mr. Bernstein has extensive experience with divorce mediation in Maryland. His insight and negotiation capabilities have allowed many couples to forgo messy entanglements and the negative consequences that brings on yourself, your family and your finances.

Why Choose Divorce Mediation?

Consider this common scenario: You and your spouse are working through your divorce. You are both committed to finding an amicable resolution, but you are having trouble coming to terms. Nothing you suggest quite works for your spouse, and nothing your spouse suggests quite works for you.

In this scenario, divorce mediation could be a good option.

Divorce mediation offers a way to overcome disagreements during a divorce without either spouse feeling like he or she is getting the short end of the deal. It also allows divorcing spouses to move forward without the additional costs, delays and time constraints of litigation. Crucially, since mediation is voluntary, either spouse can terminate the process at any time if it no longer seems worthwhile.

While some couples use mediation to resolve all of the issues involved in their divorce, divorcing spouses can also use mediation to address specific issues. For example, if you and your spouse are in agreement regarding your parenting plan and financial support arrangements (i.e., child support and alimony) but you both want to keep many of the same marital assets, you can use mediation for purposes of property distribution only. This is just one example of numerous possibilities.

Divorcing spouses can use mediation at any time and for any reason they deem necessary; and, in this way, mediation offers maximum flexibility for overcoming challenges during the divorce process. If mediation helps you and your spouse come to terms, you can finalize your divorce and move on. If it doesn’t, you still retain all of your other options for finding a path forward.

In divorce mediation, you and your spouse retain full control of the outcome. The mediator’s role is not to make decisions for you, but rather to help you and your spouse find a mutually acceptable path forward. The mediator (who is typically a family law attorney or retired family law judge) will offer possible solutions based on his or her experience; and, if the mediator believes that important information is getting lost or overlooked, he or she will help ensure that you and your spouse are giving due consideration to all relevant factors.

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