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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Top divorce FAQsNavigating the divorce process can seem quite daunting, particularly as you’re just getting started. What we’ve seen with our clients though is that many share similar concerns. Here, we’ve gathered a lineup of the most frequently asked divorce questions that our clients are concerned about.

It’s not going to solve every riddle for you, but hopefully it gets you started down that path, providing you with some understanding and familiarity. Continue through to read the full answers for each individual question.

Top 6 Divorce Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the likelihood I can get custody of my kids?

For any couple with children, child custody is the issue at the forefront of each spouse’s minds.

2. What am I entitled to?

There’s a complicated set of factors to consider when determining the division of financial assets between spouses, as well as the financial issues of child support and alimony.

3. What kind of alimony will I receive/be required to pay?

Alimony is determined by an array of well over a dozen factors, with many more potential outcomes than you may realize.

4. What kind of child support will I receive/be required to pay?

There are a variety of state-specific child support guidelines to consider, including primarily whether one parent has physical custody, or if the parents share physical custody. Keep in mind that child support is a separate issue from alimony.

5. How can I protect my assets?

There may be a number of potential strategies available to protect or safeguard certain assets.

6. How do I find out what assets my spouse has?

Determining the assets held by your spouse is a key part of divorce proceedings, and the discovery process holds your answers.

Of course, while these are a few of the most common questions about divorce that we hear from our clients, they certainly aren’t the only ones. To get your own questions answered, start by giving us a call at 240.395.1418 to set a free consultation.