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Divorce FAQ: What am I entitled to?

divorce FAQ entitled money assetsAt the start of the divorce process, one of the common refrains heard is what exactly each party is entitled to from the other. There are many ways to look at that, whether an individual is referring to strictly monetary or financial matters, the ownership of physical assets and property, and even if the person is also including issues such as child custody or visitation into the same mix.

Of course, each of these matters are separate considerations for the court to determine. From child support and child custody, to alimony, the division of property, and on down the line, each of these are separate issues. However, some of the common factors which are considered for one may also be considered for the next, matters such as income, contributions to the well-being of the family, the duration of the marriage, cause of its dissolution, and so forth.

The best way to determine what one is entitled to, or what one may be required to pay or provide to the other, is to evaluate all of these specific circumstances on a case by case basis. Most cases have their own unique or complicated, and sometimes extenuating circumstances, which is why you need an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process and work to achieve the result you’re seeking.

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