What Happens in Your First Family Law Consultation 

Man and woman getting consultation

With the legal, financial and emotional issues wrapped up in divorce, it’s no wonder that the prospect of getting a divorce can feel overwhelming, and it can be difficult to take the first step.  My name is Brandon Bernstein; I am a divorce lawyer in Bethesda, Maryland and I want to make this entire process as easy as possible for you.


When It’s Time to Hire a Lawyer

I work with divorcing spouses who have been considering divorce for years.  I have also worked with both husbands and wives who were completely blind-sided by being served with divorce paperwork.  You have likely already made some very difficult choices about your marriage, your pending divorce and how it will affect everyone involved.  I want to help make the process of hiring a divorce lawyer as easy as possible.  I provide a free initial consultation with any new potential client so that you can achieve three things:

  1. Meet me, and get a feel for how I would handle your case if you choose to hire me
  2. Get your questions about timeline, cost, custody, alimony, whether or not you’ll go to court and anything else you’re wondering about answered.
  3. Help you understand how Maryland family law applies to your unique situation, and your options for moving forward.

Retainers & Legal Fees

If you choose to get started, you will pay what is called a “retainer”.  That is basically a pre-payment of my legal fees to handle your case.  During your free consultation I can answer any questions you have about how much you will have to pay to get started, and my best estimate of what the entire process will cost.

Getting Started

Once you have hired me, we begin by building a realistic strategy to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.  If there are safety or access issues for you or your children that need to be handled immediately, I will advise you on how we can make that happen.  I am 100% committed to being responsive, communicating clearly and keeping you in the loop on how your case is proceeding.

Take the First Step – Arrange Your Free Family Law Consultation

Whether you have one question or one hundred, I want to help you understand how I can help you resolve your family law issue.  I will help you sort out the legal and financial elements so that you can focus on your family and moving forward with your new life.  Call 240.395.1418 or click here to email me today.