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Divorce FAQ: How can I protect my assets?

Divorce FAQ protecting assetsAt the start of a divorce case, it’s common for at least one of the parties involved to be wondering how they can protect their assets. The issue of the division of marital property is a complicated one, with many variables to consider.

The best way to protect your assets is to have a written and signed prenuptial agreement which dictates certain terms. It’s not unusual for couples to enter into postnuptial agreements, either.

Another tactic to guard assets during divorce is to seek divorce mediation, coming to an agreement before the matter is in the court’s hands. This is one often successful method for keeping more control over the situation.

Assets, whether homes or cars, could potentially be divvied up between the parties based upon preference and need, with compromises and exchanges taking place. It’s also important to weigh whether particular assets hold more sentimental than monetary value, and to prioritize what the most important outcomes may be.

Further, the cause of the estrangement between the parties and the resulting divorce proceedings may also factor in, and provide an avenue towards protecting certain assets.

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