Divorce FAQ: How do I find out what assets my spouse has?

Divorce FAQ spouse assetsOne of the most common questions about divorce frequently on the mind of our clients is how they determine the true assets held by their spouse. While in a relationship, many of us assume that we know all of the financial dealings of the other. In practice, the truth is often much different.

The process of discovery during a divorce offers you ample opportunity to determine the true nature of all of your spouse’s assets. This can be accomplished with a variety of techniques.

With Interrogatories, you have opportunity to officially file 30 separate written questions from your attorney to your spouse’s attorney. With Requests for Production of Documents, you have an unlimited capacity to request relevant documents. Depositions may also be used, along with a process called Request for Admissions, as well as potentially subpoenaing the other party to produce documents. Clearly, there are many potential courses of action to ensure no stone is left uncovered.

Of course, there’s a huge array of specific circumstances that may come into play. From the division of federal government employee retirement accounts, to the emerging issue of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in divorce, no two cases are the same.

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