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Bethesda Separation Agreement Lawyer

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In general, when you file for a “no-fault” divorce in Maryland, you and your spouse must live separately for 12 months before you can finalize the process. To avoid issues during this time, you can hire a Bethesda separation agreement lawyer to prepare an agreement that addresses property rights, child custody, financial support and other relevant matters.

Note that In Maryland, divorcing individuals who do not share minor children are allowed to proceed with the divorce without living separately for 12 months. This is commonly referred to as a mutual consent divorce.

Pre-Divorce Separation Agreements Serve Multiple Purposes

In addition to helping you manage your 12-month separation period, entering into a separation agreement can also help streamline your divorce. Many of the decisions you make when preparing your separation agreement will carry over to your divorce; and, if you discover that the terms of your separation won’t work for you long-term, you can use this to make even better-informed decisions during the divorce process. As a result, working with a Bethesda separation agreement lawyer can serve multiple purposes, and it will be important for you to choose a lawyer who can represent you in your divorce as well.

Experienced Legal Representation for Crafting a Pre-Divorce Separation Agreement

Lawyer Brandon Bernstein brings more than a decade of experience to representing spouses in separation agreement negotiations and divorce proceedings. He can work closely with you to craft a separation agreement that addresses your specific concerns in light of your unique family and financial circumstances. While a separation agreement may be a short-term solution, failing to negotiate a suitable separation agreement can lead to long-term problems, and Brandon Bernstein is committed to protecting his clients’ interests as comprehensively and cost-effectively as possible.

Key Issues to Address in Your Pre-Divorce Separation Agreement

Your pre-divorce separation agreement should address many of the same issues that you will address in your divorce. This includes issues such as:

  • Property Rights – While you and your spouse live separately, which spouse will stay in the family home, and which spouse will have the right to use your vehicles, electronics and other personal property items?
  • Finances – How will you and your spouse responsibly manage your finances while maintaining two separate households? Will one spouse need to rely on the other spouse’s income?
  • Child Custody – Where will your children live during your separation? How will you manage parenting time, and how will you make important decisions about your children’s healthcare, education and other similar types of issues?

Just as it is important to make informed decisions about these issues during your divorce, it is important to make informed decisions about these issues when negotiating your separation agreement. While the terms of your separation won’t directly affect the outcome of your divorce (unless you agree otherwise), failing to adequately protect your interests in your agreement can lead to a variety of unnecessary disputes, costs and complications.

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