Divorce FAQ: What kind of child support will I receive or be required to pay?

Divorce FAQ how much child supportOne of the first and most common divorce questions we hear from our clients is how much child support they’ll have to pay, or conversely, how much they may be able to receive. Maryland’s child support guidelines are clear on the types of factors considered, including certain key thresholds or limits.

Chief among these is whether or not one party has primary physical custody, or whether it’s shared. The guideline here for shared custody is that each party has the child for at least 128 overnights per year. [UPDATE: Maryland is updating this requirement to 92 overnights as of October 1st, 2020.]

Another key guideline is that if the two parties combine to make over $15,000 per month, then the specific Maryland child support calculation guidelines can be circumvented.

Beyond these two key important points, the amount of child support the court determines that one party pays another will be determined by considering primarily the income of both parties, and expenses including health insurance, daycare, and extraordinary medical expenses. Food, shelter, clothing and general expenses are not factored into calculating child support.

Child support requirements are removed when a minor child turns 18, or in some cases, 19, if he or she has not yet graduated from high school. Payments can also be changed due to substantial changes in income or expenses.

You can also read our full list of the top 10 Maryland child support FAQs. Otherwise, feel free to call our office at 240.395.1418 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation.