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Virtual Family Law Consultations & Meetings in Maryland

free Maryland virtual divorce consultationsThe Law Offices of Brandon Bernstein wants to make our meetings with you as convenient and seamless as possible. That’s why we’re proud to offer a full range of virtual family law consultations, conferences and meetings.

Why Go Virtual for your Maryland Divorce Lawyer Meetings

While the preference for many people is to meet in person, we first decided to begin hosting a wider range of virtual sessions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In this way, we could continue abiding by stay at home and social distancing policies, while handling important matters with our current and prospective clients.

As with many other businesses and industries realizing the power of technology available to us, we will be continuing to offer virtual family law meetings in Maryland going forward indefinitely in the future. Our virtual sessions are:

  • Secure & confidential
  • Convenient & flexible
  • Available to new & existing clients
  • Always handled with the same personal attention and commitment that our firm is known for providing.

Get a Free Virtual Family Law Consultation in Maryland

When you’re ready to take the next step in a pending divorce, or if you need legal advice for any pertinent family law matter such as child support and child custody, divorce mediation, and more, call our office at 240.395.1418 to schedule your free consultation and virtual divorce attorney meeting.