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Apr 12, 2016

Are Tax Problems Leading You to Marital Problems?

Apr 12, 2016 - Family Law by |

Not only are taxes one of the few things in life you can count on no matter what, but at this time of year, we’re reminded that taxes and resulting financial issues are nearly as consistent and inevitable.

Unfortunately, one common refrain we hear from clients, particularly at this time of year, is that money issues are often a primary cause of divorce. And further, those money issues may stem from tax problems such as growing amounts of back taxes owed and penalties, or even instances of tax fraud committed by one person in a marriage.

Certain studies indicate that money issues and arguments rank as highly as the 3rd most common cause of divorce. Meanwhile, if you factor in resulting arguments and stress from money matters spilling over into how a couple treats one another, and disagreements over how to live their life together which are related to finances in some way, it’s likely even higher.

Once financial issues and tax problems turn into marital problems, and those marital problems take you down the road of separation and divorce, then money still remains at the forefront. Money issues are of course one of the largest issues present in a majority of divorce cases. Couples are faced with dividing their property, including stocks, investments, retirement assets, and real property, as well as dealing with child support and alimony obligations.

There’s simply no denying money’s role in a marriage, and in many cases, in its end, and its aftermath. And those money issues may occur due to taxes, a cruel reminder at this time of year.

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