Jul 19, 2021

Bethesda Family Law Attorney for Medical Professionals

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Divorce Lawyer for Medical Professionals Near Walter Reed and the National Institute of Health

Facing a divorce and working through the process of selecting a family law attorney is not always easy.  For doctors, nurses and medical professionals, that process can be even more challenging due to a demanding schedule and work days that are physically and mentally stressful.

Brandon Bernstein is located in downtown Bethesda just steps from both Walter Reed and the NIH.  He has extensive experience working with doctors and medical professionals to help them secure the best possible outcome from their family law situations.

Selecting the Right Attorney is Critical to the Success of the Divorce Process

Every divorce is unique and so are the people involved, but ultimately divorce is about communication.   It’s about you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse communicating about financial matters and arrange how time with minor children will be shared.  It’s important that you feel able to communicate with your family law attorney easily and effectively.

Whether you are getting ready to file for divorce, responding to a petition for divorce or looking to work through custody or post-decree issues, Brandon can help.  He has successfully worked with a wide variety of clients in Maryland and the Washington D.C. area.  His experience with doctors and medical professionals have made him well-versed in complex schedules, high incomes, business ownership and retirement accounts.  During a free consultation, you can explain what you are most concerned about and Brandon can help you understand how the law applies to your situation and the best way to approach it.

Unique Challenges to Medical Professionals & Doctors Facing Family Law Issues

No family law issue is easy.  Whether you are ending a marriage or trying to work through what is best for minor children, the stakes and emotions can get high quickly.  Family law issues involving doctors or surgeons can be difficult because of rigid schedules and last-minute adjustments.  Issues with income are also common as ownership of a medical practice can make finances complicated.  Working with an attorney who understands you and your unique challenges can make for a much better process and outcome.

Meet Brandon in a Free Consultation

Take the first step towards finding the right lawyer for you by taking advantage of a free initial consultation with Brandon.  He is available to meet over the phone or video, in person in his office or in some cases may be able to come to you.  Brandon’s experience and expertise in family law combined with his knowledge and understanding of medical professionals makes him a great match for Walter Reed and NIH employees.  Call or email today.