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Aug 15, 2019

The Do’s and Dont’s of Divorce Mediation in Maryland

Aug 15, 2019 - Family Law by |

Maryland Divorce Mediator Offers Tips on Approaching the Process

Divorce mediation in Maryland is something that more people seem willing to try these days than in the past. There’s good reason for that, too. Working with a divorce mediator, you’re likely to be able to have a more amicable and less stressful experience than a court case. This may also save you a good deal of both time and money, not to mention hassle and angst. Still, it’s important to both learn more about the divorce mediation process and also to get a sense of how you should approach it as well.

Do Expect to Compromise: Compromise is the root of successful mediation. That means you have to be willing to do so in order to achieve the outcome you’re seeking. The process is a give and take, perhaps both literally and figuratively, but one huge positive is by maneuvering this in mediation, you have control of the process versus leaving it entirely in a judge’s hands.

Don’t Try to Do It Yourself: Sometimes there’s a tendency to believe that even with the marriage ending, the two parties can come together and just figure it out themselves while parting ways. More often than not though this doesn’t work as effectively as planned, and a compromising session or discussion soon devolves to shouting, and nobody gets anywhere. Let professional and experienced divorce mediators in Maryland handle this as an official matter. This will also ensure you come away with a specific signed agreement, rather than a vague verbal agreement that doesn’t actually mean anything.

Do Prioritize Your Goals: Key to a successful compromise from your point of view will be prioritizing your goals and the outcomes you’d most like to be the recipient of. Once again, it’s a compromise, so you need a plan in place in terms of what you’re looking to achieve. That may mean agreeing to the top priority of the other party if it helps you to secure your own top priority. You also want to avoid getting tripped up over smaller priority matters in pursuit of the issues which matter most to you.

Don’t Be Ruled By Your Emotions: A divorce mediation should be as much of a straightforward, logical process as possible. Injecting emotions such as anger, sadness, spite, or whatever the case may be, only makes matters worse. Allow the proceedings to run as emotion-free as possible in order to stay on track and work towards the solution that’s best for both parties.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to navigating this process. If you’re preparing for a divorce yourself and believe that Maryland divorce mediation is for you, then please get in touch and schedule a free consultation by calling 240.395.1418.