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Feb 1, 2022

Two Years of Pandemic Life Taking its Toll on Stressed Families

Feb 1, 2022 - Family Law by |

Increased rates of divorce and separation, among overall increased stress and household challenges, continues impacting families

Few people imagined the country and the world would still be coping with the Covid-19 pandemic after two years, but it’s become a constant presence in almost everyone’s life. That lengthy period of time has also allowed for the evaluation of the pandemic’s impact, which we see in terms of cases, deaths, and hospitalizations, not to mention on its economic impact, but there’s also a real and ongoing negative impact on mental health.

The New York Times published a survey in December about the growing mental health crisis unfolding across the United States, based on a survey of 1,320 therapists. While these professionals are based across the country, meaning in all different political landscapes and regions, the results and responses were largely the same: individuals are struggling.

When individuals struggle, their loved ones do as well. And when it comes to couples and families, the struggle can become a shared and damaging experience, one with the potential to stress the very foundation upon which it was built. This is true both for couples who may have considered themselves entirely happy beforehand, as well as for those who may have already been feeling the weight and strain of marital conflict.

A few interesting statistics from the survey include that nine of 10 therapists are reporting that more clients are seeking their care, and that they’re often too busy to handle it, with a backlog of appointments and potential new patients. Further, six in 10 are reporting that more clients are also seeking medication in the form of anti-anxiety pills or antidepressants.

Then you can probably imagine how such issues can become further complex in relation to home life within a marriage and for a family. Children are often learning from home, and aren’t able to participate in the same types of activities and events they otherwise would. Parents are juggling their kids being at home, while perhaps also working from home themselves. Financial concerns, not having enough space or time for everyone, trying to do too much at once, it all leads to more stress, worse communication, and on down the line from there.

This hasn’t been an easy period for everyone, and if the pandemic has impacted not only your personal well-being, but your health and happiness within your marriage, it’s important to take the appropriate next steps. Call our office at 240.395.1418 to set up a free Maryland divorce consultation, whether you’d prefer to come in for an in-person meeting or conduct a virtual appointment.