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Aug 26, 2019

What Are The Most Common Causes of Divorce?

Aug 26, 2019 - Family Law by |

Survey of the Leading Causes of Divorce in the U.S.

We’re all different, our lives are different, and our relationships are different. However, so many of the issues we face along the way end up being the same. When you look at the most common causes of divorce, you’ll likely see some similarities if you’ve ever gone through it before, or if you may be facing the prospect now. Looking at these causes offers insight, and if anything, reinforces the idea that you’re never alone.

The numbers and causes here come from a survey performed by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts. It’s a relatively small survey size and is by no means representative of a definitive or universal outcome, but it’s still worth taking a look.

Most Common Causes of Divorce in the U.S.

  • Incompatibility (43%): Incompatibility may mean different things to different people, and it encompasses many more specific reasons. It’s what is typically referred to as irreconcilable differences in no fault divorce cases. Communication issues and ongoing arguments, differing priorities, different wants for the future, all of these and more may be included.
  • Infidelity (28%): The category of infidelity in this case also included other sexual issues, which might mean lack of sexual interest or satisfaction, lack of attraction, and so forth. It’s not unusual for one to cause the other, as well.
  • Money (22%): Money issues routinely impact relationships and the outcome via divorce, whether you end up with the most expensive divorce in history or something on a more typical scale. It’s not just a total lack of money either, but also how it’s spent and by whom, priorities for where to put money both now and in the future, and so forth.
  • Abuse (6%): Abuse includes both physical abuse and emotional abuse. It’s important to not overlook the latter, which is perhaps more common than some people realize. You need not be physically bruised or battered to be abused in a marriage.
  • Parenting (.5%): Parenting issues may often be rooted in the aforementioned incompatibility in terms of the most common causes of divorce, with communication at the heart of that. However, sometimes it’s actually just differences in parenting style or in other cases, when one party is at risk of endangering a child’s safety or wellbeing, with or without there being other abuse.
  • Addiction (.5%): Addiction and alcohol issues also occur frequently in marriages. As with the above though, this may fall under or be a part of incompatibility as well.

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