Feb 1, 2022

Latest Insights into Divorce for Men & What’s New

Feb 1, 2022 - Family Law by |

An Evolving Landscape & New Challenges, Pandemic Related & Otherwise, Impacting the World of Divorce for Men

Men and women face different challenges when heading into a divorce, and in terms of divorce for men, the perception by many has long been that they are at a disadvantage in such scenarios. It seems that the odds of achieving the most desired results in terms of big ticket issues such as child custody and child support, as well as alimony, place men at a disadvantage; or at least this is the way the topic is often presented in movies and television shows.

The truth is that’s not necessarily how it always plays out, and the facts of a case are its most important determining factor. From one case to another, many variables will be entirely unique. Further, it’s becoming more common for men to desire, seek out, and effectively obtain something such as primary child custody. Divorce on the whole has evolved in modern times, and divorce for men has specifically too, even within just the past few years.

One of the primary ways that divorce for men has continued to do so relates to, of course, the pandemic. Two years of managing the pandemic and its impact has not only led to increased divorces and overall added marital burdens, but has created a new set of challenges when it comes to the process itself.

Working from home, and home schooling, has meant that keeping the home is also keeping the home office, and that whomever is in the home also is the one in charge of home schooling. This creates several layers of new complications when it comes to the separation and divorce process, and the relocation process, if that applies.

Then, you can take that same consideration into the home, and apply it with child custody itself. Whichever parent receives primary custody will need the physical space in the residence, as well as the time and appropriate resources, to continue managing all of the above. In cases where shared custody is the outcome, then both parents will need to able to manage this separately.

Another ongoing issue to be aware of in terms of divorce for men is the role of the cryptocurrency market. More money is being invested and stored or managed by more people in these markets, and the majority of those involved are men. While it might be easy to imagine this as a “safe haven,” holdings in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies acquired during the marriage may be considered marital property and subject to division.  Adding to that is the volatility of the market. You might imagine you’re trying to stash away a certain amount and end up with half of that value in a short amount or time.

Whichever side of the issue you may be on, divorce always presents its own unique challenges and burdens. Deal with a seasoned divorce attorney for men in Maryland who knows how to best advocate on your behalf by calling our office for a free consultation at 240.395.1418.