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Apr 21, 2020

Virtual Divorce Consultations & Family Law Conferences Now Being Offered

Apr 21, 2020 - Family Law by |

We’re Offering Free Online Divorce Consultations, Conducting Virtual Divorce Mediation & More

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential that everyone does as much as possible to adapt to our new environment. That’s why our team is now offering virtual divorce consultations in Maryland, and hosting online meetings to cover a full range of family law needs and services.

Deciding to open up a new avenue of meeting with our clients is a matter of necessity to abide by regulations for sheltering in place, staying at home, and social distancing in Maryland. Instead of simply cutting off the ability to meet with clients, we’re bringing those meetings and consultations into the digital sphere.

This is important right now, but also as we look to an uncertain future as well. Even if and when regulations are loosened or lifted, there are still going to be prolonged periods where it’s best that most people stay home as much as it is possible to do so.

Further, virtual family law consultations are simply convenient and efficient for many of our clients. Now you don’t have to worry about finding the time to drive to our Bethesda, Maryland offices, to fight off traffic, or anything else. We’ll find a convenient time where we can sit down together virtually and discuss all of the pertinent matters surrounding your case.

One of the chief concerns with hosting virtual attorney meetings and consultations is maintaining your security and privacy, as well as the confidentiality of what’s discussed. That’s why we follow stringent protocols and only use technology that’s deemed safe, secure and reliably effective.

We also vow that we’re going to bring the same tireless commitment, personal attention and passion to your case as we’ve always done. Whether we meet you face-to-face or screen-to-screen, you’ll be receiving the highest level of support and service as we advocate on your behalf.

Virtual attorney sessions available will include free initial consultations with new and prospective clients, as well as all manners of remote conferences and meetings for your current or upcoming case. We’re also providing virtual divorce mediation sessions for our clients who may be looking to find perhaps less stressful and more direct solutions between parties.

If you have any questions or you’re ready to schedule a free virtual family law attorney consultation for yourself, call us directly at 240.395.1418.