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Jun 8, 2020

What to Know About Virtual Attorney Consultations

Jun 8, 2020 - Resources by |

Virtual Family Law Meetings in Maryland

As we all navigate through these unprecedented times together, The Law Offices of Brandon Bernstein is working to continue providing our services to current and prospective clients. Virtual consultations and meetings have proven to be a great avenue for this, but we recognize that some people may still have concerns. So what’s involved, how does it work, and how does it impact the experience you have?

You Still Have Confidentiality & Privacy

Conducting a virtual meeting with your attorney does nothing to reduce the standard of privacy and confidentiality. There is absolutely still attorney-client privilege, and only the people who need to be in the meeting will be able to see or hear any of the video. We’ll also work with you to use the meeting service or software that you’re comfortable with, while ensuring that we use secure protocols for connections to keep private meetings private.

The Same Personal Attention & Support

Virtual meetings are more than a phone call. With a video-based meeting, we’ll be able to engage in a more authentic fashion, and offer the same level of personal attention, support, and compassion that we’ve always been known for. There may be a physical distance between our clients and ourselves, but we won’t let there be an empathetic one.

Goals & Outcomes Can Still be Achieved

A virtual meeting can help you achieve the same goals and outcomes that you were hoping for and would have worked towards from an in-person meeting. While there may be a backlog for in-person courtroom cases, motions and procedures, everything else involved in the legal process can be conducted virtually.

The Many Benefits of Virtual Meetings

A virtual appointment with our team offers a number of other benefits. In regards to the coronavirus, it of course reduces the chance of transmission between other people and ensures you stay safe, and stay home. It’s also convenient, with flexible scheduling and no need to physically bring yourself to our office location.

Not only that, but there’s also a range of other potential benefits. When it comes to a meditation session, for instance, you will be sharing a computer screen as opposed to being physically together in the same room. As a result, you may feel a greater sense of comfort and less anxiety, as virtual sessions may help in avoid a triggering confrontation or argument.

Our priority is your health and wellbeing, while continuing to provide you with the services you need and depend upon. Call our office at 240.395.1418 for more information about scheduling a virtual family law meeting in Maryland.