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Feb 19, 2016

How is Child Support Calculated in Maryland?

Feb 19, 2016 - Family Law by |

Guide to Calculating Child Support in Maryland

If you are in the midst of disputing a child custody case in Maryland, it is more than likely that the court will determine child support as well. As experienced attorneys, one of the most common questions we encounter from clients is how Maryland child support is calculated in such matters.

Generally, child support in Maryland is calculated pursuant to the state’s specific child support guidelines. The guidelines take into consideration your income, the other parent’s income, health insurance expenses, day care expenses, and extraordinary medical expenses. Food, shelter, clothing and other general expenses are not factored into the guidelines for calculating child support in Maryland.

The amount of child support will vary based on whether one parent has primary physical custody or whether the parties share physical custody. The guidelines will be based on shared custody guidelines if each party has the minor child at least 128 overnights per year. If the Parties’ combined income exceeds $15,000.00 per month, the court has the ability to deviate from the state of Maryland’s child support calculation guidelines.

Child support is modifiable upon a showing of a material change of circumstances since the entry of the order, and will generally end when the minor child turns eighteen years of age, or nineteen years of age if the child has not yet graduated from high school.

If you have further questions pertaining to calculating child support in Maryland, its guidelines and how it all applies to you, then please contact my office to schedule a free in-person consultation. You can call 240.395.1418, and we’ll be happy to begin discussing your Maryland child support case and the best way to proceed.