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Jul 3, 2020

How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Attorney Consultation

Jul 3, 2020 - Resources by |

Tips for Virtual Meetings with Your Divorce Attorney

Our office is continuing to host remote, virtual sessions with our current and prospective clients. It’s one way we can help do our part to ensure that everyone stays as safe and healthy as possible. For you, it’s also hopefully a convenient solution which provides a number of benefits.

Still, many people have questions about how the whole process works. Here, take a look at a quick guide with some helpful tips so that you can make the most out of your virtual divorce attorney session.

Test Your Tech

The quality of a virtual consultation or meeting is dependent on the quality and reliability of the tech that you’re using. If you haven’t already been conducting virtual meetings for work, or hangouts with friends and family, take a moment first to be sure you have the right tools installed, and that you’ve tested them so that you’re confident that they’re working properly and that you know how to use them.

Also, as there are a variety of different video conferencing technologies and tools, be sure to get on the same page with your attorney about which system will be used.

Come Prepared

It’s easy to think that since you’re not going anywhere for the meeting, that you don’t need to “bring” anything with you. Still, it’s best to come as prepared as possible, with all of the information and documents you might need handy. That way, nobody is wasting anytime looking for material they could have had in front of them, and meetings don’t need to be rescheduled in the event that something necessary couldn’t be found.

Be Confident in Confidentiality

Just because you’re meeting via a computer screen as opposed to in-person, it doesn’t mean that anything changes in regards to attorney-client privilege and confidentiality. Our office also takes steps to ensure the security of the technology that we use for our meetings, so that everything which transpires is secure and confidential. You should feel free to be as open and honest with your attorney in this setting as you would in any other.

Get in the Right Space

Along those same lines, find yourself a nice private space in which you feel comfortable for the meeting. You want an area that’s private and one that allows you to speak freely, as well as avoiding interruptions.

The first time that we try anything new, there’s always a bit of hesitancy and uncertainty. But virtual attorney consultations and meetings are intuitive and easy, and we aim to provide the same service and support as we always do. Give us a call at 240.395.1418 if you have any questions or you’re ready to schedule your own remote attorney meeting.