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Jun 22, 2021

Divorce & Conflict

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It can seem like conflict and divorce go hand in hand; after all if there was no conflict in the marriage, they wouldn’t be getting divorced right?  However, the conflicts that may have led to the decision to get a divorce do not have to paint the entire divorce process. The reality is, you can make your divorce more cost-effective and efficient by working with your spouse to avoid conflict.  Once it’s determined that the marriage is over, it’s time to focus on resolving the key issues to get the divorce finalized.  Reliving old arguments and over valuing items from around your home is only going to make things more difficult and expensive. Maryland Family Law & No Fault Divorce The divorce laws in Maryland can be confusing; while there are grounds for a “fault” divorce in Maryland it typically is more trouble than it’s worth.  In most divorces, there is no clear benefit to establishing fault so it’s better to agree on key items and work towards a no fault divorce. Issues to Resolve in a Divorce There are a few key issues to resolve in any divorce: Asset Division – Determining Marital Property vs. Non-Marital Property On-going financial commitments (child support, alimony or spousal support) Shared custody of minor children The above issues are the only issues the judge assigned to your case will be interested in.  They will not be interested in helping you resolve arguments.  Generally speaking, the judges will approve most agreements that the spouses […]

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