“Fair, Honest, Caring”

I hired Brandon to represent me with my divorce. I really had no idea where to turn when it felt like my life had the rug pulled up from under me. I looked around to get as many consults as possible (and that I could afford) and I really appreciated how honest Brandon was from the very beginning. Brandon is a straight shooter and is not trying to nickel and dime every moment. I was able to reach the best case scenario for my divorce and I am so glad that Brandon was working on my behalf. I will say that because this was such a new experience for me, there were many times that Brandon was already working on and ahead of what I knew was going on. My advice to anyone would be to just trust him. He will not lead you astray. Thank you so much, Brandon. I am so glad to finally be at the end of this and move forward with my life. This would not have been possible without the support of Brandon and his team. (And thank you, Lynn!) – Divorce Client