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“You are not only an effective lawyer but a comforting one, a calming anchor in the chaos of divorce.”

Dear Brandon, I felt it so important to share my thoughts on your service through this painful process as I would like to pay it forward and help others struggling in divorce. I am so impressed with your person and character. I really felt despairing in my very complicated and messy divorce and was not happy with my prior representation. I was hesitant to change lawyers though, as I didn’t have time on my side and knew I would spend more money I did not have to bring another up to speed.

But I also felt great concern and anxiety as my situation was not being handled properly and so felt a sense of impending doom. And though you were highly recommended by another respected attorney who faced you in court and though I had considered you in the past, based on your glowing reviews, I thought your youth and prior single status at the time would not work in my situation as you did not have the experience of marriage and/or having your own kids, let alone kids with disabilities.

Well, I am happy to say that I was COMPLETELY WRONG… about you, your capacity and capabilities, (and just changing attorneys, in general, when the fit is not good). Retaining you as my counsel was THE BEST decision in this whole ugly process. You are not only an effective lawyer but a comforting one, a calming anchor in the chaos of divorce. You are sharp and experienced (and yes! even in litigation, if necessary) but even more, you are engaged and compassionate. You are mindful of a client’s pocketbook and your level of service is not tied to their personal wealth. You are able to work with clients in a respectful manner, communication well and are very responsive. And your charming demeanor is just bonus.

Most of all, you do not use intimidation tactics, which really make the process most unproductive and distressful and bring distrust into the relationship. You seem to understand that you get the best out of your clients through positive approaches, which result in best possible outcomes. I can certainly say that was true for me and others seem to be expressing the same sentiments. And your free initial consult? Genius!.. And so appreciated! One certainly feels in good hands and that their situation is truly understood.

So to end… Brandon, you were a real pleasure to work with and your confidence in finding a positive resolution that supports the clients’ needs is heartening and contagious. Definitely will seek you out for other legal matters in the future! Don’t lose those caring qualities- integrity, kindness, empathy, dedication- down the road in your continued journey to success. They definitely set you apart from the typical attorney!

Some words of thanks from a very grateful client…

— LD, Divorce Client