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“Honesty and Integrity… that’s exactly what you get with Brandon Bernstein!”

Honesty, when you think of a lawyer, the first thing that comes to mind is not honesty and integrity but that’s exactly what you get with Brandon Bernstein! From our very first consultation, he was forthcoming with every detail I’d need to know for my divorce and sympathetic to my situation considering how tumultuous it was throughout the proceedings. Brandon helped provide all the necessary tools that I needed to arrive at the successful dissolution of my marriage as well as has provided continuous updates as needed despite my divorce having been concluded for the majority of the past year.

With my ex-husband now causing trouble with the sale of our home and child support issues, Brandon continues to provide top-notch advice and reassurances that would otherwise cause me more stress and anxiety than I could deal with currently. I cannot recommend Brandon’s services enough and highly suggest that anyone dealing with a divorce or currently unhappy with how things are in their life currently, sit down with Brandon and discuss their options. Things can get better and Brandon showed me that it is possible.

  • Divorce Client from Bethesda, MD